S-TABLET only GalaxyNote

Mağazadan İndirilenler 50 - 250
Sürüm 4.0 6 yıl önce

S-TABLET only GalaxyNote açıklaması

* Please question here -> How to install

1) Mobile app, PC program and how to run the S-Tablet. -After searching the S-Tablet at the android market, down road the S-Tablet

2) Down road the Expression Dock at the S-Tablet Official Website.(

3) After running photo shop, Set the remote control at photo shop. . Edit → Remote Connections... →

Service name : s-tablet , password : s-tablet -> Check the Use Remote Connection -> Confirmation

4)Run the Expression Dock at PC.

- When you first run the program, the security warning window. Then press allowed access button.

5) Run the S-Tablet application in the galaxy note After entering your IP address, touch the Connect button.

2. How to use the S-Tablet mobile app

1) Right mode and left mode

After connecting IP, touch the screen and choose one of right/left mode. (Right hander can choose right mode, left hander can choose left mode)

2) What is the hover mode?

The hover mode can move the mouse pointer when you move the S-pen above or on the screen; don't bore down with the S-pen.

After a few times use, it could be adapt to the user who is unfamiliar with Tablet.

3. Hidden function and how to program termination

1) Brush size adjustment

Push the Alt key of your keyboard. then push a button of the S-pen, contact with the screen and move the S-pen from side to side, you can adjust the brush size

2) Zoom-in and zoom-out

Taking a zoom-in or zoom-out gesture with two fingers can zoom -in or zoom-out the screen of Photoshop.

3) How to program termination

Push menu button of mobile and exit button of mobile. (Application exit)

4. If you can’t connect photo shop!

1) Network check

· if you use internet sharer, check if the mobile network and the pc network is the same network!

2) Firework check

· The S-Tablet program firework should be allowed!

3) Vaccine program check

· In Vaccine program network firework, the S-Tablet program firework should be allowed!

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APK Sürüm 4.0
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